The Department of Unknown Artefacts and Infernal Machines
investigates objects which have not yet been identified
as well as a time machine built in 1910 by Nicolas Tesla. While in operation, the time machine generates considerable disruptions in the fabric of time. Utmost caution is required.

  • Temporisoscope (This is a time communicator built in 1910 and subsequently restored on several occasions (around 1930 and again in 1995). It has already caused serious disruptions in our reality.)
    • Brussels World's Fair 1910
    • Map of the World's Fair
    • Documents
    • Temporiscope (Text and Objects)
      • Text
      • Equipment (AI/MI/TT1-1-5)
      • Time Experiments
    • Nicolas Tesla
    • Professor De Walque (AI/MI/TT-dw1-2)
    • Documents
      • Prior to destruction
      • After destruction
    • Response to the second experiment
  • Quarantine Section
  • On the Correct Usage of Infernal Machines