According to Celtic tradition, the spear of Lugh was carried by the Tuatha Dé Danaan from the isles at the edge of the world. It is a fiery spear which always strikes a deadly blow.
Sometimes it even kills the one who bears it or those around him.

(Dictionnaire des Symboles, Chevalier and Gheerbrandt)

The Führer strode into the treasure room with Himmler while Kaltenbrunner, Von Sievers and Walter Buch waited outside.
Shortly afterwards, Himmler left the room, leaving Hitler alone facing the talisman that had now become his property.
Nobody knows what went through the Führer's mind. But that moment could be considered one of the most decisive of the 20th century.

(The Spear of Destiny, T. Ravenscroft)

The adoration of relics is much older than Christianity. [...] A relic's effectiveness in producing a miracle proved its authenticity.

(Fake? The Art of Deception. British Museum Publication)


3000 years ago

The man who had looked God in the face was resting on a riverbank.

He was contemplating his life.

The victory he had won against the magi gave humanity a respite, perhaps for a few centuries.

The light of Ormuzd had pushed Ahriman into his own shadows, but the battle was never-ending.

Sooner or later, the shadow of evil would return.

At that very moment, the arrow pierced his heart.

Zarathustra collapsed, a final smile upon his lips.


2000 years ago

The Captain of the Jews, climbing Golgotha along with his troops, had been ordered to break the limbs of the three crucified men before the Sabbath.
As a symbol of his mandate, he proudly bore the spear of Herod Antipas. A magical symbol of royalty, the spear forged by Phineas was a powerful talisman, giving usurped royalty an illusion of power.
Disgusted by the carnage, the Roman soldiers turned around, unable to face the appalling spectacle.
Except for Cassius Gaius, the Centurion. Feeling great pity for the man called Jesus, he speared Christ in the side with his own lance, preferring it to the Jewish one.
The blood and water that ran out Christ's body cured Cassius Gaius of the cataract that he had been suffering from, by way of thanks for his compassion. From then on he was known as Longinus and his spear became one of the most precious relics in Christendom.
This legend is based on the ancient myth of the spear of Lugh, of Celtic or even pre-Celtic origin. It was used to appoint authentic kings and enabled he who owned it to act for the good of his people...provided that he did not get the wrong spear.


Inv. SRS/ll-45744

Accidental find
Various origins: Germany, Belgium, Tibet, USA


Group of objects found in a trunk. Spearhead (ca 100 BC), human bones, Arab 'magical' document (15th or 16th century AD), Nazi equipment used to detect sensitives, personal objects that belonged to Heinrich Himmler, miscellaneous documents.


An 'accidental' find; the report is based entirely on original documents.

The stale smell assaulted us as soon as we forced open the door. Marc was keen to build a guest room in the attic of his new house and had asked me to help him clear it out.

Obviously, the previous owners had not set foot up there fore ages, judging by the thick layer of dust that we were getting ready to stir up.

It was relatively dry, and what surprised me at first was the absence of cobwebs and the signs of rats, mice or other animals that generally frequent such places.

Then there was the case.
Or rather the rusty key that was halfway inserted in the lock. As if a mysterious force had drawn it to this pile of old papers contained in the box. The padlock which originally sealed it was open, giving the impression that the contents were keen to escape and rejoin the world of the living. I felt a small pang of fear, a disagreeable sensation of unease.
Marc said I could take what I wanted, just as long as I relieved him of this rubbish. "If you happen to find any gold bullion, then we'll split it 50-50," he said with a smile.

However, the treasure I found turned out to be a horror. A horror infinitely deeper than any scary story. A true horror that still lives on in the minds and memories of many.

Mr Albert Dechamps felt the end drawing near. He had, at the most, one or maybe two years left to live, if he was lucky. The responsibility he had accepted several decades earlier was destroying him as surely as the illness gnawing away at his body. What could he do? Revealing all was simply inconceivable, and in fact he himself had not believed it at the beginning. Alternatively, he could destroy what he was safeguarding, but he no longer felt physically able to do so. In the end he had been caught up in the grip of the relics and subjugated. He eventually decided to abandon his last will and testament to chance and the evidence that his story was absolutely true.
Destiny alone can judge human folly.

Captain Albert Dechamps had served in the resistance and the Belgian secret army. Involved in G Group (a group of resistance activists), his university studies in engineering had naturally led him towards sabotage and later, during the liberation, counter-sabotage.
A Mason with a fascination for the occult, he studied the influence of magic and astrology on the behaviour of the Nazis. While he fought the Nazis in general, he soon came to view Heinrich Himmler as his personal enemy.
(Albert Dechamps once actually crossed paths with the head of the SS during a trip the Reichsführer made to Brussels. He could not help noticing the Führer's madness.)
Himmler, Adolf Hitler's 'black' doppelgänger; the undisputed chief of the SS and its subsection, the Ahnenerbe. Master of the Order of the Vril, the damned soul of the Third Reich was the instigating force behind many secret expeditions to France, Egypt and Tibet mounted for the purpose of bringing back religious antiques to Nazi Germany and verifying Hörbinger's hallucinatory theories.
In 1937, an SS medievalist by the name of Otto Rahn, who had been sent to Montsalvat (in the Languedoc region of France) to search for the Grail, brought a sacred relic back to Himmler. As a reward, Himmler appointed him to the rank of Öbersturmfürher.
A short time later, after realising the consequences of what he had done, he committed suicide.
This relic was a very old spearhead that had had magical associations for thousands of years.

1937 was a good year for the SS.
Another magic object was donated to the SS by American sympathisers.
This delicate Arab astrological document gives the coordinates and times for invoking entities living on the Other Side.
Dating from the 16th or 17th century, it was the property of an American author of fantastic fiction called H.P. Lovecraft and served as the inspiration for his Necronomicon, the book of dead names.
The document arrived in Germany on the very day that Lovecraft died (15 March 1937); Lovecraft had never concealed his racist sympathies.
The document had a strange property. As a portal between the invisible world and our world, it is a thin barrier through which the Old Ones - as Lovecraft calls them - can once again pass. An abominable corruption always emanates from it.
To be effective, the manuscript could only be used one year to the day after the death of its previous user.

The bones come from a Tibetan monastery. Most likely the relics of a tulku (reincarnation) of Milarepa, who lived 400 years ago, they can cure certain blood diseases and ward off demons. Like most magic objects, they can also be consulted as an oracle.
It is said that some of the relics were used by Rasputin, the mad monk, to cure the Czar's son's haemophilia. He also prophesied his death and the tragic destiny of the imperial family.
After the Russian revolution of 1917, and the massacre of the Romanovs in Ekaterinburg, two fleeing Russian generals brought them as gifts of welcome to the Thule Gesellschaft, the secret society that would place a diminutive corporal from Vienna in the highest post in Germany. Grand Master Dietrich Eckart promised them an appalling vengeance for the murder of the imperial family.
On 15 March 1938, shortly after Hitler's invasion of Austria, Hitler visited the Hofburg museum in Vienna in the middle of the night. Wolfram von Sievers, a magician and head of the Nazis' occult research department, Commandant Walter Buch (head of the Uschla) and Ernst Kaltenbrunner, the head of the SS in Austria, awaited him.
Several members of the Waffen SS stood guard.
Heinrich Himmler was carrying a small black leather briefcase.
Von Sievers checked Hitler's ability as a medium by asking him to set the hand of a clock to one of the twelve numbers. Only Hitler knew which number he had chosen. He then adjusted the astrolabe to the coordinates given in the Arab manuscript which described the medium's internal zodiac. The astrolabe stopped at a position equivalent to 8 o'clock, the very time that Hitler had secretly set on the clock.

Himmler then approached his master. Two spearheads rested on a black cushion. One had been brought back by Otto Rahn, the other had belonged to the Hapsburgs and he had just taken it from the museum. Himmler knew which was the authentic spearhead, but did not dare contradict or even influence his Führer. Hitler, obsessed by his recent victory, had to decide on his own.
A critical decision!
Would he choose the true spearhead, the one which had belonged to real kings and which was linked to Germanic myths of creation? Or would he simply be attracted by the false and vain lustre of the illusion of power created by the spearhead of the usurpers, also known as the Spear of Maurice, and for which he had come to Vienna?
He did not hesitate and immediately seized the one that belonged to the Hapsburgs, ignoring the other one.
Himmler pulled a face, but did not say a word. Hitler moved aside with the relic for a moment.
He only asked one question by thrusting the spearhead into a set of letters, which would decide the fate of humanity.
Who was the king chosen by the spearhead, its true owner?
The answer triggered the Holocaust, the bloody sacrifice of millions of people - the Ragnarök of Norse myth and the Götterdämmerung of German myth set to the beat of a Wagnerian opera.

Arhiman smiled for the first time.


Activating the power of the relics

To understand what happened, the Surnateum only has this spear, the true one. The other was returned to the Hofburg museum in Vienna.
We activated the power of the spear using rituals from the Department of Witchcraft and Invocations.
The bones were cast onto the table where they formed a strange rune shape.
Our medium selected two letters from a mixed up set of letters. What did the other spear reply? Who was its true owner?
'H', 'A' was the answer; 'Hitler, Adolf' whispered a member of the group. That was what the Führer had thought!
Wait! The Collector said that we mustn't rush it. The bones indicate that the answer has eight letters. Point out six other letters with the tip of the true spear.
'P', 'S', 'B', 'U', 'R', 'G'.
'HAPSBURG!' That's what the answer must have been. A simple mistake cost millions of lives!

After Himmler's arrest and suicide, the relics were entrusted to two individuals: Mr Dechamps and Mr Andruzzi, his American counterpart.
The Belgian spent years searching for evidence of his premonition.
A few months later, Albert Dechamps received a parcel from the United States containing other relics.
The American major had read a prophecy by Rudolf Steiner predicting the coming of the Antichrist to his country in the second half of the 20th century.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki had recently been annihilated in a deluge of fire.
Ahriman had changed sides. His smile was broadening; one day he would swallow up all of creation.


  • 15 March: Feast of St Longinus
  • 15 March 44 BC: The ides of March, Julius Caesar is assassinated
  • 15 March 1244: The Cathars of Montsalvat surrender and are wiped out the next day; they were hell-bent on spending 15 March in their fortress.
  • 15 March 1917: Czar Nicholas II abdicates, leading to the extermination of his family. The relics of Milarepa change hands.
  • 15 March 1933: Hitler proclaims the existence of the Third Reich for 1000 years.
  • 15 March 1936: Hitler reoccupies the Rhineland, his first act of war.
  • 15 March 1937: H.P. Lovecraft dies; Himmler receives the Arabic document.
  • 15 March 1938: Anschluss + 2, Hitler visits the Hofburg museum.
  • 15 March 1939: Hitler re-enters Prague, Otto Rahn commits suicide.

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